Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Been A LONG Time

It's sure been along time since the last post...and it seems to be very little about MTB'ing...it appears it will be that way for the rest of the summer too (unless a healing miracle takes place).

You see from some of my earlier post you'll have read that I am getting into DH riding...yes it is an absolute blast, the best riding on a bike I've ever had...unfortunately it can also be somewhat painful when you crash (as some of my recent reports have displayed so graphically). Well, I've gone and done it again...signed up for my first downhill race, the 8th/9th of May in Massanutten Va. I also signed up for a DH clinic to help learn some of the specific skills needed since I have literally been just flying by the seat of my pants. Well on our first practice run I was just 100 yards into it and in the boulder garden went down...reflex, I put my hands out and shattered my right wrist pretty good. A very nice "little old lady" (literally) saw it and help me drag my bike out of the woods onto the fire road and she walked it down to the chairlift for me. The first aid guy was waiting at the bottom for me, they splinted me up and found a ride to the nearest town hospital...got the most painful xrays done, and half cast, some killer pain pills called my GP and then got ahold of a buddy that was on his way to race also...he came and gave me a ride back up to the mountain, where I had to wait for Jennifer to drive 4-5 hours from Baltimore with Mike so they could drive my "stick shift" GTI home. Was Jennifer mad...nope...she just laughed, said it wasn't a case of when but what was I going to break that weekend, so she knew it all along...on Monday went into my GP who referred me to a ortho surgeon, who met me at the hospital, where he was already in surgery, he looked at my xray and said I REALLY needed a specialist, said I really scrambled it up pretty good.
Saw the specialist late that afternoon, who then scheduled surgery for the following week...surgery went off beautifully on the 19th, plates, screws, cut out tendons, some fusing, and half cast...follow-up June 1st....but any biking plans are on hold for awhile...SUCKS!!!!!

So it will be many hours at the gym working abs and legs...the summer schedule starts tonight...500 abs and 1-2 hours stationary...work up from there, mix in leg workouts (ie, lunges, squats, presses, etc)...then as soon as possible back on the "horse"...gotta hit the DH parks before they close this next winter...

I'll be seeing alot of you at races taking pics and cheering you on...went to the US Open of DHing in Vernon New Jersey this past weekend, it was incredible, what a place to ride...WOW!!!

Everyone warned me this would happen, but hey, just made me stronger, wiser, and more experienced...did in both collar bones so far too, and learned how to avoid them but also strengthen up the shoulders too...it's been killing me being so in-active...and yes I really only enjoy adventurous challenges, so please don't suggest golf...sorry not knocking it just not my cup of tea..

Check out my flickr site for pictures of the US Open and the progress of everything else.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Introducing Shaun Edward McDaniel

Yes our new Grandson, born April 4, 2009, to our daughter Devon Rose and his sister Lexus Elena...he is 20" and 7 pounds 4 oz. you wouldn't think he's that size when you see his HUGE hands...the boy can easily be either a basketball player or a pianist. Jennifer arrived in San Diego on Monday and got to bring them home on Tuesday...Mom and son are doing great, the young man has an unbelievable amount of jet black hair, just like his big sis, (who BTW is gowing up so big now) and Lexus I'm told, is being a great big help to mom...loving and taking good care of her little brother...I wonder when she's going to ask to take him to school...LOL.

Devon will be coming out our way in June so we all can see our new addition...Devon once again is very blessed with a quiet child...Lexus was the same way, hardly ever fussed and I guess the "little man" is the same way...

Introducing - RILEY!

Well I got the new pup this past week. He came home on the 7th of April at just barley over 8 weeks, weighing in at 14.2 pounds...and BTW had his first Dr. appointment 3 days later and on that day weighed in at 15.4. The Pup is going to grow fast...Jennifer happens to be in San Diego at this time too, we have an even bigger news event happening there...OUR NEW GRANDSON was born on Saturday the 4th of April...Handsome young man too...WHEW what a week.

So I'm here alone with a new puppy, I have a hard enough time getting up in the middle of the night with Jen here waking me, now it's up to me on my own...pitty the poor puppy....LOL...we survived, just three nights together and he's making it through the night, he runs to the front door first thing in the morning, good boy! Really keeps me occupied...up and playing non-stop for 1.5 to 2 hours, then he's out for about the same amount of time, ahhh nap time...my time to get things done...

Needless to say, have only ridden the bike this past Sunday, and no gym visits since a week ago Sunday. Really need to get to the gym, miss it...when Jen gets back we can share the load...I know she'll think differently though...LOL.

Riley is such a suitable name, he has really grown into it...he shows signs of stubborness, definently trying to be the Alpha, already alpha over our Daughters dog Leo, it's hilarious...he's very much a puppy, constantly chewing...have lots of toys for him to help distract and substitute for all the blankets, chair legs, clothes, carpet, etc....but the toys just aren't as fun....I know he can't replace Sweetie, we sure still miss her, but Riley is filling the quiet space we've had, he is going to be special too...and keep us on our toes for sure...Jennifer comes home late tonight, can't wait to introduce the two, I think she's really going to love Riley and visa-versa....

Friday, February 20, 2009

For Riders Association

For Riders Association

It's Been Awhile

It's been sometime since the last post...was not fun losing Sweetie, we will always have a very large and warm spot in our heart for her...and yet this past weekend our new Golden Retreiver male puppy was born (the day after Valentines)...we'll be able to bring him home in approx. 8 weeks, and we are very anxious to have a pup running around the house again...His dad placed 17th at the Westminster dog show this past month, and mom is a gorgeous champ herself (looks alot like Sweetie)...thats the pictures...

It's been awhile since posting what this site is about...MOUNTAIN BIKING!!!...
And looking at my last post, you all have missed out on my spectacular bloddy crash...all is okay now, but ya gotta check out my Flickr site (located in the side bar)...and look up DHing in Gambrill..check out the video...my son-in-law did a good job at capturing my clean up in the creek and the cracking noise as I straightend my nose back...not for the weak stomach though...:) Been really loving the down hilling though and am looking forward to all the traveling and racing this summer...I did sign up for a XC race at the end of March...I will take it easy with NO expectations other than just participate and have fun...It is at Patapsco the local stomping grounds we all ride at every week...Yes the doctor hasn'e givin the okay yet, but I will ride it like it is just a normal "fun" ride...I can do it, the competition won't "pump" me up...I know the risk invloved, and certainly don't want that outcome...it's just that it is on the trails I ride constantly so I just have to do it!!! Those of you that ride "might" understand...

But this summer should really be fun...it takes stamina, but not that cardio blast for such a long extended period like XC...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sad News Today

Today is a sad day for us...Our beloved "Best Friend" had to be put to sleep...she has had a few seizures over the last few years and unfortunately she had one just a couple weeks ago and then this past evening she had another one. This morning she couldn't move, so I took her to the vet...sadly she had alot of cancer and therefore because she was such a vibrant outgoing girl it was just to hard to allow her to have to go through alot of surgeries and suffering...she went very peacefully in my lap (one of the hardest things I've ever had to do) but I was glad I was there for her...She will be missed very dearly by Jennifer and I, our day to day world will be very out of sync for a bit, but we will manage...even though she was "just" our pet...we were just like what I used to laugh about when I was younger...the old folks replacing the kids when they left home with a pet and they treated their pet better than the kids...YEP THAT WAS US!!! So she was a BIG part of everyday...heck Jennifer always got up every morning earlier than I just to take Sweetie for a walk...Jennifer will probably get me up tomorrow and want to walk me...:), there are countless routines that invloved Sweetie that we are sorely going to miss...thanks to all for your prayers and the affection you used to show Sweetie, we're going to miss her...God Bless!